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haiku brings you koppi coffee - helsingborg, sweden
imported direct and arrived this september

Origin: Tarqui, Hulia, Colombia
Process: Wet fermented, washed and dried on raised beds
Altitude: 1800m

Variety: Caturra
Flavour Notes: Passion fruit, Red berries, Jammy 
Roasting Date: 8th Sep 2022

Astonishing coffee from Ferney Cruz and family, this farm had no roads leading up to it. To get there, ride a mule or walk for an hour through lucious rainforest. Enjoy the incredible flavours of berry in this drop.

We are so impressed with the amazing roasts these guys produce, legendary Koppi will be debuting with Haiku in Melbourne and get this, they roast in not Japan, but in Sweden! Koppi Coffee was founded in 2007 and hails from a little town called Helsingborg.

Anne Lunnel and Charles Nystrand are both Swedish barista champions and arguably one of the best roasters on the planet. Whilst Charles takes care of the roasting at home, Anne circumnavigates the planet in search of upcoming new coffees and solidifying trusted relationships with long term producers in Costa Rica and Colombia. We are proud that one of their main roasters does hail from Japan, Rie, who has been working with Koppi since 2015.

Let us embrace the Nordic Approach to filter coffee.


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