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チャハウスほうじ茶粉 (ダークロースト)


Dark roasted hojicha powder. Grown in the Nishio region of Japan. Staple tea ingredient, ideal for blended drinks and desserts. Try this dark roast version.


Tea Brewing Guide

Hot Brew

  1. Place your Cha Haus tea in a teapot
  2. Use about 3-5g of tea per 300ml of water. Add water at the correct temperature (see below) to bring out the tea's natural flavours
  3. Steep your tea in the pot for about one minute
  4. Reuse the tea to make a second pot -- just add more hot water and serve 

Tea Temperature Guide - Sencha: 70-80°C Matcha-genmaicha: 80-85°C Genmaicha: 80-90°C Hojicha: 85-95°C   Matcha Preparation Place 2g of matcha in a tea bowl or large cup. Add water at 80°C to the matcha powder and whisk together until foamy. 

Cold Brew:

  1. Mix your sencha or matcha-genmaicha teas with water in a jug
  2. About 6-10g of tea will make about a litre
  3. Steep the tea in the fridge for at least 60 minutes
  4. Drink your cold brew tea the same day for the best flavour
  5. Remove the tea leaves from the tea if you'd like to keep the tea for longer


About Cha Haus:

Cha Haus is about discovering amazing Japanese teas and bringing them to the world. Their desire to just want some decent Japanese tea in Melbourne set them off on the quest to sourcing the best teas from Japan. What started off as just friends helping friends find the best teas, started turning into something much bigger, and before they knew it, they had two Japanese tea masters in their tasting team who introduced them to new growers in Japan and get better deals.

Today, Cha Haus sources teas from Japan's main tea-growing regions, going off the beaten track to find the really passionate tea growers, the ones who've stuck with it for generations. They precisely only source teas from the ones who have it down to an art and stock single-source small-lot teas from a diverse group of growers in Japan.