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Have a Hot Choco, like Haiku Does



Made in Australia from local and imported ingredients.

100% Gluten-free and plant-powdered vegan our luscious Hot Chocolate comes to you with NO preservatives, artificial colours or added salt. Just a well rounded bold dark cocoa flavour and lovely velvety sweet finish.


Our deep red chocolate powder hails from some of the most world renown cocoa growing regions. Our cocoa comes from not one, but three sources, the Tocache region of Peru, Santo Domingo of Dominican Republic and Kilombero Valley, Tanzania. We've then added an Aussie touch at the end, using Queensland cane sugar. 


Expect complexity and body, leaving a super fine, true chocolate finish. Please enjoy the intense cocoa, roasted nuts and heavy vanilla feels. 

Peru: Stone fruit and honey 

Tanzania: Bitter cocoa and date fruit

Dominican Republic: Roasted nuts, vanilla and caramel


All natural ingredients, no fillers, no starch, no added flavours, preservatives in this one. GMO free, wheat free, gluten free and explotiation free, this hot chocolate comes from suppliers which are certified organic and purchased fair trade.


Hot Chocolate Brewing Notes:

  1. Steam 150ml of your favourite milk, mix with 20 grams of Hot Chocolate
  2. Stir well to mix and top with chocolate powder dusting or chunky chocolate flakes


Shelf Life: 1 Year