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Finest Selection Of Japanese Knives

Immerse yourself in our finest collection of Japanese knives and be the master of your kitchen. Our selection is steadfast on quality as we select the the best Japanese steel known in the industry. We stock trusted brands such as Iseya, Tojiro, and Sakai Takayuki to name just a few.

picture of chef using a japanese knife to cut meat

The Story Behind Our Collection Of Japanese Knives

Japanese knives are known for their sharpness, durability and are made with a traditional process which has been passed down over many generations. Some manufacturers in Japan date back to over 600 years of knife making, which is why they are the most trusted and respected craftsmen. 

Quality Japanese Steel

The blades of the knives are made from a single piece of carbon steel, so they don’t have any joints, which means they can be sharper than other types such as general kitchen knives. The handles of the knives are also made from natural materials such as wood and they provide a comfortable grip for all your cutting needs.

The Japanese knife is not just used in Japan, but it has become popular around the world because it is so versatile, easy to use, and is a well respected and trusted implement for the kitchen. Think Japanese, think high end quality that will last for years upon years.