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Have Matcha, the Haiku Way



Take a part of Haiku home, poured daily in our cafe, now available in-store in Haiku Future and online, we source our matcha from a well known grower of premium Matcha in Uji, Kyoto, Japan. Our first of our green tea collection, our premium Matcha powder delivers the earthy, mellow taste finishing with a smooth and sweet finish. 

Why Matcha

Subtle sweet, earthy vegetable tones, no wonder it has become so popular in recent times. Enjoyed as a tradtional Matcha tea, in a smoothie, in a latte or used in desserts and cakes, let Matcha charm your taste buds. We should mention the various health benefits that come with the taste, packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, your immune system will thank you. Enjoy boosted energy levels and a sense of calm and focus.

Colour and Texture

Vibrant colour equals vibrant taste which is our philosophy in choosing and preparing this matcha for Australia. We ensure our producer uses only the youngest leaves coupled with longer periods of shading, to deliver sweetness over astringency. Haiku Matcha is produced using the jet milling process for finer powder for finer cups of tea. 


Our Matcha, alongside with our Hojicha is blended monthly on order and air freighted in from Japan at peak freshness. We rely directly on tea farmers, rather than trading companies, paying our producers the right price for the right quality. 


Committed to ethical and sustainable practices, our matcha is grown responsibily, free of radiation, heavy metals, pesticides and bacteria. 

*No added sugar or milk. 100% pure powder.

Matcha Latte Brewing Notes:

  1. Gently sift 2-3 grams (1 teaspoon) of Matcha powder in your mug
  2. Pour 20ml of 75°c water and whisk with a chasen until smooth
  3. Pour 250ml of hot milk (60-70°)/steamed milk on top of paste 

Iced Matcha Latte Brewing Notes:

  1. Gently sift 4-5 grams (1.5 teaspoon) of Matcha powder, stir with 20ml of hot water
  2. Add a few ice cubes
  3. Pour in 150-200ml of cold milk and a splash of sugar syrup 


Shelf Life: 1 Year