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drink kuro - our dedicated filter blend in a drip bag!

Available for those wanting to keep on drinking haiku at home and on the go
8 drip bags
disposable, drip bags ensuring a quality cup with minimal time and mess


What's the story?

Our filter coffee is based on the concept of single origin, in an effort to highlight the taste notes of a particular region and processes. Our Kuro blend is dersigned to bring three separate single origin beans from Ethiopia, in addition to Colombia. 

Our first bean is the naturally processed Ethiopian bean from the Edera Village of the Gedep region. This bean brings tropical fruits and jasmine to the cup. We then pair our washed Yigarcheffe bean, also from Ethiopia, to add acidity and balance to the overall cup profile. 

Our third and last bean is of the rare and exotic pink bourbon variety, hailing from Huila, Colombia. Coffee farmer Andres Guaca uses the Carbonic Maceration technique for this particular beauty, processing for 64 hours in a sealed tank, filled with carbon dioxide gas. With his passion and expertise in coffee production, spanning three generations, Andres Guaca's award winning farm, Finca Guacobia, produces some of the highest qualty of specialty coffee beansin small bespoke lots. 

How does it taste?

Sweet Apricot, Orange Blossom

Black Tea, Mild Tannins

Cocoa Finish

Beans Selection

- Edera Village/Ethiopia Natural 

- Yirgacheffee/ Ethiopia Washed

- Andres Guaca/Colombia Pink Bourbon/Carbonic Maceration


 1. Carefully tear open brew pouch along dotted line

 2. Place pouch on mug

 3. Unfold flaps along the perforated lines to ensure it stays on the mug

 4. Pour hot water over until wet and let drain out

 5. Pour hot water into pouch until full

 6. Repeat 3-4 times

 7. Allow pouch to drain, then dispose and enjoy your coffee!

Watch the video!