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Shop Your Favourite Japanese Groceries in Melbourne

When it comes to restocking your groceries think Haiku Future. As the largest supplier of groceries in Australia, our range caters to your everyday needs and more.  

Our vision is to bring quality products and authenticity direct from the culture of Japan. Our range truly reflects this, both in the way of our refrigerated products in store, and online. This is our konbini concept which we welcome you to.

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Japanese Groceries For All Occasions

Haiku Future is the new brand for the Australian grocery market. We offer a diverse range of products to suit all needs, with a great selection of fresh produce and a team of experts in-store to help you choose the right groceries for your needs.

Your Local Groceries Store

With us you can shop all your grocery needs in both our Camberwell & online shop. We ship all our products across Australia enabling you to shop in great confidence. 

We’re an innovative and forward-thinking store with a focus on sustainability, convenience and quality. We provide our customers with a vast range of groceries that are sourced from local and international suppliers to ensure freshness and most importantly, quality.

A Japanese Groceries Store To Represent Japan

No matter what you are whipping up, our grocery store will cater to your specific needs. From seasonings, essential condiments, oils, drinks, you're in safe hands knowing our groceries have been hand-picked to bring you the finest selection without compromising quality.

Our physical store in Camberwell is where you’ll find fresh produce, dairy products and delicious snacks from cakes, bentos, and sought after shokupan. We also offer a wide selection of grocery items from the most trusted and well known Japanese brands such as Meiji, Yamasa and local producers such as Saori and Chotto Motto.